Social Media Marketing

Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

When in life, it is simply hard to ignore facts.
And the facts are in; social media is the main form of communication in the public square. It is an outlet where everyone is conversing, doing business and shopping. In fact, a 2017 survey by statistics revealed 67 percent of adults aged 60 and older, 81 percent of adults aged 30-59 and 86 percent of adults aged 18-29 use Facebook. These are astronomical numbers that local company owners should not ignore. Let’s face it; if you own a small business (no matter what you are selling) the overwhelmingly majority of your clients/consumers are using some form of social media.

Do you use social media marketing?

Last year, we launched ACS Business Strategies because we recognized most local small business owners are busy managing their day-to-day operations. These same business owners have extremely limited time for sales and marketing outreach. To investigate further we decided to conduct nearly three dozen face-to-face interviews with small business owners in the Charleston, Huntington and Ashland region and we asked each and every owner–as well as their staff–about their usage of social media.
The results were not pleasant.
In nearly every meeting, the overwhelming response was the business owner did not have the time to oversee the company’s social media marketing, did not have the knowledge to manage social media or couldn’t afford the big expense that a lot of social media management companies were quoting. In some interviews, it was all three reasons! Regrettably, these various companies were struggling to find a new audience because they either had zero social media presence or the presence was extremely stagnant.
To further complicate matters, these owners clearly knew that missing out on social media meant not having an increased revenue stream. Upon completion of our investigation, we immediately saw the need for a local company to help other local companies make more money by using low-cost marketing!
What most company owners in the Appalachian region do not realize is social media marketing is much more affordable than traditional advertising. In an era where print media is in decline, newspaper ads can cost hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars with little return on investment

Why use social media marketing?

Imagine spending $800 on a newspaper ad (that may or may not be applicable to the viewer) that people see for a split second and throw away– if the ad is featured in a prominent location within the paper (or digital edition) at all. Now imagine taking half that amount of money and reaching 200,000 people in a targeted area of your choice on Facebook. You can customize the ad to reach ONLY the people you want who have an interest in the type of product or service you are offering. You can then re-direct those people to your social media and website. After that, you can begin an open dialogue with all of those new Likes and Follows.
But wait, there is more.
If a small business has a vibrant Facebook page, the owner and staff can DIRECTLY interact with their customers, ask questions, respond to comments, and reply to feedback. Again, these are things that cannot be done using a traditional newspaper advertisement. Utilizing social media, companies can build a solid relationship between the business and its customers, resulting in revenue growth. By putting together a smart business and sale’s plan that focuses directly on social media marketing, your company has the potential to reach new heights. If you would like to learn more about how your business can be successful and at the same time be a part of a free social media strategy session, send us an email at: