Why You Should Use Facebook Marketing

If you haven’t created a Facebook Business Page, what are you waiting for?! As one of the largest social media platforms online, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers and losing out to your competition. Despite the algorithm changes that have resulted in a drop in reach for Business Pages, it’s still important to utilize Facebook for marketing. Facebook continues to be a leading social network and it’s important to have a presence there. There are many benefits of having a Facebook Business Page for your marketing efforts and here are a few:

Facebook marketing benefits

  • More Exposure

The biggest reason to use Facebook in your marketing efforts is the fact that there are 1.19 BILLION users on the platform! That’s a lot of people who can potentially see your Business Page and want to buy your services or products. You’ll be able to market to current customers as well as attract entirely new ones thanks to Facebook’s insane numbers!

  • Gather More Leads

You can use Facebook as a means to gather more leads. You can tailor your Business Page to however you like, even capturing email addresses so that you can contact your customers outside of Facebook. Many other businesses do this through giveaways, contests and newsletters.

  • Budget Friendly Marketing

You can crate your Facebook page with $0 and continue to set it all up with no money. But you can invest more into your Facebook marketing efforts by setting up your own budget for Facebook ads. These ads are relatively inexpensive when compared to other forms of traditional advertising like TV, radio or print. Plus they are way more targeted, allowing you to market to your EXACT customer!

  • Reach Targeted Audiences

Like we mentioned before, you’ll be able to market your Business Page to the exact customer you have or want to attract. Facebook ads are super targeted and useful when wanting to get your stuff in front of new eyes.

  • A Wealth Of Information

Facebook Business Pages also have something called “Insight,” which is very helpful in explaining to you what’s happening on your page in a non-technical way. You’ll be able to find out how many Likes you have, the Reach of your posts, Engagement of your posts and so much more! This will help you create better content that your customers want to see from you, which will in turn create loyal customers for your business.

So if you think that Facebook isn’t worth the time or effort for your Business, think again! If you aren’t using Facebook marketing or just need help with a game plan or ad management, contact us!

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