South Charleston Social Media Management

Social media planning

Social media management means partnering with your business. ACS Social media marketing helps South Charleston businesses plan and deliberate. Rather than taking sell, sell, sell and meaningless posts approach, companies need to develop a trusted relationship with their clients. We work with you to see the best way to connect with people. Our company will balance asking for business posts with sharing the business and community posts.

We will always keep content fresh and creative which will maximize the effectiveness of your posting.

Connecting to people

Connecting with people turns people from customers to advocates for your business. It’s simple; people want to connect to businesses.  They want to feel in the know and that they can ask a question that will get answered. Customers want to that interaction with their local business. Social media helps people feel this way.  Clients can contact you—the business owner– and you can post what is happening such as new shipments or changes in office hours.

Connect with us

If you need social media management in South Charleston, West Virginia contact us today! We will set up a meeting either in person or over the phone and tell you how we can help your business connect and what you hope to get out of our partnership. Contact us today for a free strategy session.

Together we will write your social media success story and build your brand in South Charleston!