Referrals – I got a guy

Referrals are important.  Maybe the most important form of advertising.  The most powerful of these referral tools is “I got a guy.”  This is a direct referral and a personal endorsement rolled all into one.

Referrals from the internet

Let’s say your air conditioner breaks down.  The first thing most of us do is search online.  This is called inbound marketing.  You need a website and a Facebook page to make sure you are found when someone types in air conditioner repair services.  These aren’t as personal as references from friends and family which leads us to a better marketing services.

Referrals from people you know

The best kind of marketing is from friends and family.  You have seen the facebook posts asking “hey my air conditioner broke, anyone have a guy”? Sure do and they link their facebook page right there in the comments section.  This lets everyone that needs air conditioner, heater work see that your friend took the time to break through indifference and post a referral.  This referral is personal and gives you a chance to research them with the inbound marketing strategy mentioned above.

We want to be your guy

ACS Business Strategies wants to be your guy when it comes to social media.  We like to say we partner with you because we love success stories just as much as you do.  By partnering with us, we keep your facebook and social media up to date so when people think of you.  When someone refers to you, they see a vibrant and alive social media account that looks like you are involved.  This is what people need to see, you involved and showing you care about keeping people informed and wanting their business.  Let us help you convert those searches and referrals into sales.