Grow With Google

Keeping up with Google

I had a great opportunity to go to the Grow with Google event in Huntington last week.  We should always try to learn more.  This is especially true with technology and the internet.  Facebook and google constantly tweak how they sort their data.  So when I saw that google was sending representatives somewhere close I had to go. 

The grow with google event this year had a class about non-profits and another about getting businesses online with a google listing.  That is one of the services we provide our clients and is a very important step in getting found on the internet.  If you go to a new city and want to find pizza, you go to google.  If you need balloons for a birthday, you go to google.  If you need to know the hours of a repair shop, you google it.

Google in Huntington WV
Google Classroom

Another thing that was covered was google advertising.  Google ads can appear based on targeted demographics, similar to Facebook targeted ads.  Google ads differ from Facebook ads because you pay for clicks and not impressions.  So you only pay if someone interacts with your advertisement instead of just seeing it.   They are also very cost effective in terms of paid advertising.

We are here to help you with your online presence.  This means we have to be on top of our game and stay on top of current trends and updates.  Technology is changing and sometimes you don’t have time to keep up to date with all these changes.  That is where ACS Business Strategies comes in.  We read the updates and stay in the random Facebook groups talking about updates.