Which Platform

Connected Consumers

ACS Business Strategies was formed to help business connect through social media. Modern customers want to connect to you and beyond that expect it.  In this recent article from Forbes, 80% of consumers expect your business to connect back with them within 6 hours of contacting you as a result you may miss out on business.  As a matter of fact, this is why Facebook tells you to answer questions to keep up your response rate. These aren’t just millennials that want to connect with you on the other hand it is the now connected generation where digital interaction and physical interaction are blurred lines.

What we do

More than 1 billion people are on Facebook and over 100 million use Instagram at least once a month.  Why not market to them? You need to connect to potential customers and current customers. We help you do that by scheduling posts that keep your engagement rates up and your visitors informed.  ACS Business Strategies knows how to engage these people instead of selling to them 24 hours a day because there is definitely a difference. No one likes the constant sales attack strategy. Building a relationship allows you to then solicit sales.

Facebook logo


Facebook is still the king of all social media platforms. Some businesses use their Facebook page as their sole presence online, meaning no actual webpage. It is perfect for engagement, making announcements, setting hours, showing what is happening, pretty much anything. Posts should share stories of what is happening instead of doing a selling blitz.

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Instagram is great for visual marketing. If you have products and services, Instagram helps people see you and want to connect with you. Over 100 million users log in at least once a month and most of those log in daily to see what is happening. We mix in products and services as-well-as fun and visually appealing graphics to make announcements.