Know when you don't know

A phrase I utter frequently and wish more people would come to heart with is “know when you don’t know.” This applies to every aspect of your life. From the boss who can’t accept someone knowing more than he does or trying to fix your washing machine yourself because it can’t be that hard. Sometimes you have to come to terms with someone knowing more than you. Will you accept this or turn away?

Where are the customers?

I see complaint after complaint from businesses that have a great idea and/or a great product and they should be rolling in the money. It doesn’t work that way because they are missing an important step. No one knows about it. Customer acquisition and awareness are critical to getting found. If no one hears about your product, how are they going to try it, like it, promote it?

Hire a professional

Do you advertise on social media?

Effective use of your business page is not a random post on Facebook once a week that says “open today.” That is going to get buried in everyone’s feed never to be seen or heard from again. I am talking about posts structured to result in a response. Planned, graphical, and inviting posts are what get seen, shared and responded to. With social media today, everyone has seen it all and expect something funny or visually appealing. “Open today” text posts ain’t it chief.

How ACS partners with you

We turn your social media feed into advertising. Our team plans out your posts, never letting your feed go stale. Another key is not to always sell sell sell like a shifty used car salesman. We want to tell your story, show your business and the sales will come. Whether we run social media or manage an digital advertising campaign, you will see results. Digital marketing is the new standard in advertising with proven results. If it isn’t working for you, you may need to know when you don’t know and hire someone.